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Sales HQ

Masterclass - Discover Why You Are Good at Sales

Sales HQ 2450 Perimeter Park Dr., #105 Morrisville, NC
Start Date

July 17, 2024

End Date

July 17, 2024

Start Time

12:00 pm

End Time

1:00 pm

About Event

Join us at Sales HQ for an exclusive Masterclass to Discover why you are good at Sales! And what might be holding you back... This event is designed for sales professionals eager to leverage their personal traits to excel in sales. This is an interactive class, designed for in-person participation and engagement. Those who cannot attend in person are invited to join via video link.

Additional detail

Will Barfield and John Lane will Present:

Understanding Your Traits: Learn how recognizing and understanding your
own traits provides lifelong insight.

Key Traits for Sales Success: Understand how your traits affect how you build
relationships, exhibit patience during long sales cycles, manage sales processes
and follow up, and ultimately close deals.

Discover What Might Be Holding You Back: We will translate personality traits
into communication styles, preferences, and blind spots. Then, identify potential
obstacles and learn how to overcome them to unlock your full sales potential.

Motivational and Workplace Needs: Explore how your motivational and
workplace needs – along with other modifiers – determine how you navigate the
world and also impact your sales approach.

Stay for the Day at Sales HQ: Take advantage of the opportunity to stay for the entire
day, interact with experts, and deepen your learning experience.

Free pizza for everyone that joins in-person.

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