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Sales HQ is a co-selling community built for sales teams and organizations looking for an alternative to working remotely or in a traditional office or coworking space. We provide a high energy environment that promotes collaboration, education and motivation.

Options Tailored for Teams and Organizations

Flexible Membership options:

Flexible Membership Options

Dedicated Desk

Recommended for sellers that want their own space to get their work done. Each person will be assigned a workstation including a file cabinet, chair and monitor. You can bring your own monitor and personal items. Based on availability we can group your team in the same pod.

Priced at $350 per month. Discount for annual payment.
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Private Office

For teams that need a little more privacy we offer private offices for 2+ people. We include desks, chairs, whiteboards and a wall monitor. You can bring your own monitor, accessories and personal items.

Priced at $1200 (2 people) a month with a minimum 6 month commitment. Discount for annual payment.
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Hot Desk

For members of your team or organization that plan to visit Sales HQ less frequently and will not need a dedicated desk. You can sit anywhere in Sales HQ that is designated as a Co-selling location on a first come first serve basis.

Priced at $250 per month. Discount with annual payment. Monitor optional at $10 per month.
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Amenities included:

Free parking
Conference rooms
Phone booths
Weekly training and networking events
Kitchen, lounge, drinks, & snacks
A Bell to ring in victories
Fun group activities
Camaraderie with your peers
Gym, Showers & Lockers
Free coffee
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Unlock Your Career Potential with Employer Pay Options!

Many companies reimburse for personal development, education programs, and remote office space so chat with your HR rep or manager about covering your membership fee.

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